Hello And welcome to 'The City' of Angels, a personal portfolio site. I am ubik, a 5+ year freelance graphic designer. I have just began to design my websites in CSS. I feel that CSS really gives you much control over all of your content. I'm glad that I switched from photoshop slices, and dreamweaver tables to hand-coding all my work. gotta love that notepad, especially the 'Find' feature.

This design took me about 3 days to make, 1 whole day to design the banner, lol and another full day to debug All images have been created by myself and you wont find that banner anywhere else on the net, It's a ubik 1 of a kind. The clouds came from a royalty free image of a los angeles beach sunset. The buildings are Los Angeles and I toned them to almost nothing but shadows. The purple colorings inside the buildings are sample texture from some purple lighting. And alot of touch up work went into the image, hope you like it.

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  I like to write clean, simplified HTML. I believe that all of the complexity should go into your CSS/JavaScript Files (This design uses absolutely no JavaScript). It's good practice to write easily human readable code and keep it all non-inline.

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